Custom Woven Patches

Woven patches are similar to traditional embroidered patches but they use a finer thread which makes them the perfect choice if you need a design with greater detail and small text. Woven patches have different types of backing options, including iron-on, peel-and-stick, and hook and loop. While these types of patches can be used exactly like embroidered patches, they allow for a lot more flexibility in terms of your design.

Woven patches can be used in a variety of ways. They can be customized and used for clothing, labels, free gifts to customers after a purchase, and even for team uniforms. If you’re looking to learn more about custom woven patches and how The Chicago Embroidery Company can help you design and create a custom woven patch, you are at the right place!

Wholesale Woven Patches

The Chicago Embroidery Company has been making custom patches for decades, and we proudly serve a variety of companies and non-profit organizations. If you’re interested in working with us to create custom woven patches, it’s important to understand the process. The first thing you’ll do is request a quote by filling out a form with your contact information along with some basic information about your design. After you submit the form, we will work with you to secure and agree on the design. After we make the finished product, you will either approve the product or we will make a new order for free.

When you order a custom woven patch, you have a variety of backing options to choose from: iron-on, peel-and-stick, and hook and loop. An iron patch has an adhesive back that can attach to various fabrics when ironed. Peel-and-stick backing will turn your patch into a woven sticker that can be applied to fabric or clothing. However, this is a non-permanent option, as the glue won’t withstand a washing machine. Hook and loop backing is designed for a uniform or garment that doesn’t already have a loop fastener area, and it comes with both the hook and loop side.

Woven Patch Manufacturer

The Chicago Embroidery Company can make custom orders of woven patches of any quantity, and we operate on an economy of scale. The more woven patches that you order, the overall price per patch will decrease. Woven patches are ideal for designs that cannot be accurately embroidered and you have the option to have a design with minute details and fine lettering.

Custom woven patches from The Chicago Embroidery Company are of the highest quality, and we will work with you to create the perfect design. From there you will be able to use your custom-woven patches for whatever you need. We’ve designed custom patches for an incredible variety of organizations and companies and we have the capabilities to create any sort of patch that you need.

Request a Quote

Since 1890, The Chicago Embroidery Company has been manufacturing high-quality custom embroidered emblems at low prices. If you’re looking to order high-quality custom woven patches, look no further than The Chicago Embroidery Company. Contact us today for an immediate price quote.