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Custom Baseball Patches

In the world of baseball, unity, identity, and a sense of belonging are integral to the success and camaraderie of a team. Custom baseball patches play a significant role in establishing team spirit, showcasing achievements, and adding a touch of personalization to uniforms, hats, and letterman jackets. The Chicago Embroidery Company has been manufacturing high quality custom embroidered emblems at low prices since 1890. We continue to be a privately owned, Chicago based company and are proud to offer different types of custom baseball patches, such as iron-on patches and embroidered patches, among our many quality, custom patch products.

Types of Baseball Patches:

  • Baseball Hat Patches: Hat patches are small emblems designed to be affixed to baseball caps. They often display the team's logo, initials, or other symbols that represent the team's identity.
  • Baseball Uniform Patches: Uniform patches are larger and more intricate patches that are typically sewn onto the jerseys or sleeves of a baseball uniform. They may feature the team's name, mascot, or other identifying elements.
  • Letterman Jacket Patches: Letterman jacket patches are usually awarded to players to signify their achievements or milestones, such as championship victories or exceptional performances. These patches are typically sewn onto the jackets as a symbol of honor.
  • Embroidered Patches: Embroidered patches are meticulously crafted patches that showcase intricate designs, logos, or lettering. They are created by stitching colorful threads onto a fabric backing. Embroidered patches are known for their durability and longevity, making them ideal for long-term use on uniforms or jackets.

Sew-On Baseball Patches

There are a few different application methods for our custom baseball patches, including sew-on – this involves using a needle and thread to stitch the patch onto the fabric and it ensures a secure and permanent attachment. It is commonly used for larger patches or when customization needs are unique.

Custom baseball patches are a great way to show your pride in your little league team, high school team, or any other team you may be a part of.

Iron on Baseball Patches

Iron-on baseball patches are a popular choice for customization due to their convenience and ease of application. These patches feature adhesive backing that can be activated using heat. Once heated, the adhesive melts, allowing the patch to adhere firmly to the fabric. Iron-on baseball patches are often made of woven or embroidered materials and can withstand repeated laundering.

To apply an iron-on baseball patch, the patch is placed on the desired location on the fabric, covered with a thin cloth, and then pressed with a hot iron on top. The heat activates the adhesive, securely bonding the patch to the fabric.

Bulk Custom Baseball Patches

The Chicago Embroidery Company is one of the most credible names in custom baseball patch making for bulk order customers thanks to our streamlined design process punctuated by transparency every step of the way. Once you've received your quote via your preferred method and agreed on it as per your budget requirements, we will establish communication with you throughout the design phase - paying attention to every detail until your unique personalized baseball patch is ready. Following this phase, we will get your final approval. We make sure all clients get precisely what they asked for regarding custom baseball patches in bulk quantities.

Baseball Patch Maker

The Chicago Embroidery Company's exceptional service caters to clients with various custom embroidery needs and demands. Our caliber shines through with our ability to handle any order quantity – whether a small batch or large-scale baseball patch production.

To maintain competitive pricing, we utilize an economy of scale that accommodates both small businesses and large organizations' requirements.

The volume of patches ordered plays a significant role in reducing the price per patch- a significant cost-saving for our clients without compromising quality.

Our dedicated team of skilled patch makers along with cutting-edge machinery optimizes resource allocation across any order size and helps us fulfill orders with the industry's best lead times. We understand how vital it is to bring the client's vision into reality while efficiently ensuring outstanding, timely, and quality delivery each time. At Chicago Embroidery Company- Your satisfaction is key! To create custom baseball patches that exceed expectations, we prioritize meeting your exact specifications while staying within your budget.

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Custom baseball patches offer teams, players, and fans an avenue to showcase their identity, achievements, and team spirit. Whether adorning hats, uniforms, or letterman jackets, these patches instill a sense of unity, pride, and belonging within the baseball community.

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