Custom Bullion Patches

Embroidered bullion crest patches are the classic emblems of every official organization. Seen across the military, fraternal organizations, golf clubs, and other organizations that provide formal insignia or ceremonious awards.

Made by skilled artisans using silver or gold bullion wire, felt or silk, and silk thread for dimension, these patches are designed to look as stately as the organizations they represent. Coming as either a decorative patch or a pin attachment to be worn on clothes, bullion crest emblems are made to be presented as an exceptional gift or achievement.

Bulk Bullion Crest Emblems

At The Chicago Embroidery Company, our specialty is making custom patches in bulk orders. We work with our customers throughout our process to ensure their final product is exactly as they imagined.

Our step-by-step process:

  1. Request a quote: By requesting a quote, we can get a better understanding of the specifications of your order, including the quantity and sizing, allowing us to establish pricing for your custom bullion patches. Along with your information, you will need to submit a picture to base your design on.
  2. Agree on a design: After we review your submission, we will email you our rendition of your design to guarantee the finished product contains all the desired elements.
  3. Approval of the finished product: Once we’ve arrived at a design you’re happy with, we will ask for final approval before beginning to work on your order.

Our goal is to guarantee customer satisfaction with every order; so, for every order that the customer is dissatisfied with the final design, we will make a new order for free.

Bullion Crest Emblem Manufacturer

Pricing for each of our orders depends on three main factors: the quantity, the sizing, and the complexity of the design.

The bigger the size of your custom bullion patches, the higher the price per bullion patch. Yet, the larger the number of bullion patches ordered, the lower the price per patch is for that sizing. For extra savings per order, we recommend buying your custom bullion patches in bulk

Other factors are taken into account as well, such as the materials used to create the bullion patches. For just a slightly higher price, you can request special materials, such as velvet or silk, to be used in your patches design for a more unique look.

Request a Quote

At The Chicago Embroidery Company, we have over 130 years of experience, having made almost 400,000,000 custom patches since World War II. Spanning almost every industry, we have the range to recreate any logo, insignia, or design in bulk for your special organization or event.

Contact us today to get an immediate quote on your order, or take a look at some examples of our past projects.