Custom Sports Patches

What Are Custom Sports Patches

Sports patches are a great way to make a team feel more unified, while also working as a wonderful decorative attachment to clothing items, backpacks, vests, and more! With a custom sports patch, you get to be the creative. Choose a sport’s design that you love along with its corresponding size and our team will do the rest. 

Types of Sports Patches

Custom sports patches are high-quality, embroidered patches that distinguish a team and unify them under one symbol or design. Every sport from major league and national level to small group sports, beer league teams, intramural sports teams, and club sports teams have a design that allows them to stand out.

The best custom sports patches can easily attach to an item of clothing – whether that be a hook and loop patch, an iron on patch, or a peel and stick patch.

Our custom sports patches that are most popular, include:

  • Embroidered Sports Patches
  • Iron on Sports Patches
  • Sports Jersey Patches
  • Sports Uniform Patches
  • Custom Sports Team Patches

Bulk Order Sports Patches

For those looking for the highest quality sports patches at the lowest price, we recommend always going with a bulk order. At Chicago Embroidery Company, our economy scale operations mean that you’ll be saving money, as larger orders have a smaller cost per patch.

To get an accurate pricing quote for your bulk order custom sports patches, please contact us today.

Custom Sports Patch Maker

At Chicago Embroidery Company, we can create the exact custom sports patch that works for your team. Our high-quality crest emblems are made with wire and regular thread in order to produce the best results possible.

After creating your custom sport patch, we’ll then send a sample of the finished product over to ensure the design both meets and exceeds your expectations. We take pride in our work creating beautiful, quality patches for our customers and have continued that tradition for over a century.

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Since 1890, our team at Chicago Embroidery Company have continued to design, produce, and provide high-quality, custom patches for sports of all kinds – soccer teams, national and local sports, camps, churches, and more.

Partner with us today and create a custom sports patch for your team that shows off just how special they are.

For quotes or questions about our work, please contact us today.