Custom Iron On Patches

Embroidered patches have been seen as not only an important identification tool, but also as a way to unify an organization or culture. Though the various methods of attaching patches to clothing has changed, their symbolic meaning for honor, unity, and success has remained the same.

Today, embroidered patches can be created in many ways, but for longevity and design quality, it’s important to partner with the best when looking to create custom embroidered patches.


An Iron-on patch, also known as a heat seal patch, is a piece of embroidery that is attached to a type of clothing (typically a uniform) by ways of ironing or dry-heat activation.

At Chicago Embroidery Company, we use heat seal and iron-on backing for easy application to clothing, uniforms, and anything else you may decide to customize. Iron-on patches are an efficient solution to traditional sew-on patches as they save time with their quickly applied heat activated backing. All that is needed to apply an iron-on patch is an iron or dry heat source, which will melt the coated backing onto any item of clothing, creating a bond between the fabric of your canvas and custom embroidered patch.  


The Chicago Embroidery Company does not sacrifice quality for price. We are the trusted leaders in custom embroidered iron-on patches, which means we deliver a product that meets your exact design requirements and intricacies.

We’ve helped design custom embroidered patches for a variety of groups and organizations for many different purposes. View the list of organizations and industries we’ve helped in bringing unique embroidered patch designs to life here.


At Chicago Embroidery Company, we have the resources to create custom orders in bulk for you and your organization. We operate on an economy of scale and ordering in bulk can save you money as larger orders have a smaller cost per patch. A common problem for Chicago Embroidery customers is that they often have to place a second order to ask for extras after they see how nicely their custom design looks once finished.


We work with our clients through the design process and have the ability to produce the patch design you need including, level of embroidery, materials used, and even size. Work directly with one of our experienced patch designers to refine a design idea after you request a free quote. Once the design has been agreed upon we take over the manufacturing of the patch and deliver a sample for approval. Quality is of upmost importance to us and if you don’t approve of the finished product we remake the sample.

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Since 1940, we have been in business as a custom patch maker. As a privately owned, Chicago-based company, we take pride in providing our customers with quality emblems they can use to promote and represent their organization proudly. If you’re looking for high-quality, custom iron-patches today, there’s no better place than with us.

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