Custom Peel and Stick Patches

Peel and stick patches are also known as self-adhesive patches and are a more temporary alternative to stitched and iron on patches, however, still offer the intricate design details available in an embroidered or woven patch. Traditional stickers and decals typically lack texture and resilience while self-adhesive patches offer a quick and easy way to add a textured embroidered design to clothing, accessories, and other surfaces of which the patch is capable of sticking to.

What is a Peel and Stick Patch?

A peel and stick patch at the Chicago Embroidery Company is similar to the other patches that we offer as it features an embroidered or woven design with a high level of detail.. The difference in a peel and stick patch is in the backing that allows the patch to stick to virtually any surface, allowing it to be more versatile than some of our other embroidered products. Instead of having to be used specifically for clothes, self-adhesive patches can be used to decorate just about anything, making it an excellent choice for corporate promoting and item decoration.

We offer sticky-backed patches with a pressure sensitive coating of adhesive. This allows a patch to be peeled off and placed on a variety of fabrics or smooth surfaces like paper, books or  laptops; it even works on a curved backing. Sticky patches can be easily removed and reapplied a number of times.  The adhesive coating is not permanent and will come off in a washing machine, but it works great for temporary applications.

Unique Design Capabilities

For over 75 years, we have been manufacturing high quality custom patches for individuals and companies alike. As a privately owned, Chicago-based company, we take pride in providing our customers with quality emblems they can display proudly for uniforms, promotion, and more. We work with our customers to manufacture their custom designs with their requirements as a priority. Before we complete an order a sample is sent to the customer and if the design doesn’t meet expectations we remake the order.

If you’re looking for high-quality, custom embroidered peel and stick patches today, there’s no better place than with us. Contact us today to get a custom patch order started.

Bulk Order Peel and Stick Patches

At Chicago Embroidery Company, we can create custom orders in bulk for you and your organization. In fact, ordering in bulk will actually save you money since larger orders have a smaller cost per patch and are less expensive than placing a second smaller order after you’ve exhausted your initial supply. 

Create Your Peel and stick Patch Today!

At Chicago Embroidery Company, we take pride in every patch we make. Since 1890, we’ve been a part of hundreds of organizations and individuals – Chicago and beyond, to provide them with outstanding patches they are able to display and promote proudly.

If you’re ready to join the family and create a peel and stick patch of your own, contact us today to a free quote!