Custom Gun Patches

Custom gun patches are very popular among gun enthusiasts, collectors, and members of the military and law enforcement. Embroidered gun patches can be specifically tailored to showcase a unique emblem, logo, or any other custom artwork that represents an individual's affiliation or passion for firearms, including gun morale patches and 2nd Amendment patches.

At the Chicago Embroidery Company, we’ve been proudly manufacturing high quality custom embroidered gun patches and other patches, at great prices, for over 8 decades!

Our collection of gun embroidered patches can be sewn or ironed on to clothing like jackets and shirts, gun cases, tactical gear, and more, depending on where you want to add some personality. Military personnel and law enforcement officers often utilize custom gun patches to symbolize their unit, rank, or achievements, and custom gun patches are also great for camaraderie and instilling a sense of pride within servicemen. Whether it's to display an affiliation, personalize gear, or showcase one's passion for firearms, custom gun patches are a very popular choice for gun clubs, shooting teams, and hunting clubs or organizations. The gun patches we produce come in various types, including gun Velcro patches, gun iron-on patches, PVC gun patches, and more.

Iron on Gun Patches

Iron on gun patches are a popular choice for custom designs because they are simple to apply. These types of gun patches have an adhesive backing. Once heated, the adhesive melts, allowing the gun patch to adhere firmly to the fabric, whether on a bag, shirt, hat, jackets, or any other piece of clothing or gear. Iron on gun patches are typically made of woven or embroidered materials and can be washed multiple times without showing any wear and tear.

Sew on Gun Patches

There are a few different application methods for our custom gun patches, including sew-on. This method involves using a needle and thread to stitch the gun patch onto fabric, ensuring a secure and permanent attachment. Sew on is commonly used for larger patches or when customization needs are special or unique.

PVC Gun Patches

With its exceptional durability that resembles that of soft rubber, PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride – is a type of plastic known for its robustness and long-lasting properties, even under extremely difficult environments. It is highly resistant against heat fluctuations and weather variations, making PVC gun patches a popular choice among the military as well as a great choice when used on nature-based outfits. They can be affixed to hats, bags, jackets, and/or uniforms and still look great after being exposed to outdoor conditions.

Gun Patch Maker

At the Chicago Embroidery Company, we have the ability to make custom orders of any quantity. We operate on an economy of scale – so the more patches that are ordered means the overall price per gun patch is less expensive, all without compromising the quality of the patch. We understand how important it is to bring each client's personality and vision into reality, as cost effective as possible, while ensuring on time delivery. At the Chicago Embroidery Company, the satisfaction of every customer is key with the gun patches we create.

Our efficient design process includes:

  • A quote per your budget requirements
  • A design of the custom gun patch to your exact requirements
  • Your final approval of the sample gun patch we produce
  • Production of the quantity of gun patches requested

We make sure all clients get precisely what they asked for regarding custom gun patches, whether buying in large or small quantities.

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Custom gun patches provide hunting clubs, shooting teams, military and law enforcement members, and gun enthusiasts a great way to highlight their identity and achievements while building camaraderie. Whether they are sewn on or ironed on gun bags, hats, jackets, shirts, or anything else, the gun patches we produce are sure to please! Contact the Chicago Embroidery Company and request a quote today for any gun patch you have in mind.